We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential



— We Find & Fund

We help locate resources and solutions needed to build sustainable enrichment for highly capable and neurodiverse children. Funding capabilities will be added as soon as our group establishes a non-profit status.


— We Build Networks

Monthly meet ups and play dates, social media updates, newsletters and minecraft weekends – and so much more! We work hard to provide a sense of belonging in our group so these friendships and connections last a lifetime!


— We Strengthen

A community that understands the needs and quirks of our kids. From all walks of life.


— We Educate​

Meeting families that are new in the valley or have been recently identified as gifted/neurodiverse/highly-capable. We make sure that we make this path easier for those coming up.


— We Provide Care​ and Understanding

.We take concerns and issues raised by parents to the school district and help arrive to a solution.


— We Consult​

We seek advice from experts in highly-capable education, and organizations such as NAGC, NWGC, SENG, and so much more.